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Garnier skincare

September 19, 2016


Hi it’s Chelsea,


This is my first review and I thought what’s better than a skincare review, I’ve only recently begun using a skincare routine and since starting I’ve seen MASSIVE improvements in my skin!, the Garnier simply essisentals soothing cleansing lotion&soothing vitamin inriched toner has been working wonders for me. After a long day at work there’s nothing better than taking off the make from the day, I like to use the pure active micellar cleansing water on a cotton wool pad to remove all my make up, after doing so I will go in with the Garnier lotion to remove any more make up and any other impurities, I will apply this will cotton wool pads again, then I will use the toner!, this combo has been so good for my skin which is oily. I would 100% recommend these products.

Thank you for reading my first post, I hope you enjoyed!

Love Chels x

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