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L’Oréal pure clay face mask reviews🙌🏼

October 3, 2016

Hello it’s Chelsea, 

I had to write this review because these face masks are amazing and really highly talked about!, L’Oréal pure clay face masks are so well priced at £7.99 but are currently on sale for £5 in boots. I have had the green purifying mask for a while now and found this worked so well for my skin because of how oily my skin can be. I have recently brought the black clay mask as I had to try it out and I found this works really well on the outside of my face. On my drier patches. I’ve not yet tried the glow mask but I’ve heard such good reviews and I need to pick it up! 

I got some help from Rhianna to see how she felt about the masks, we had a chilled out night on Sunday watching X factor, doing face masks and eating chocolate and we both agreed that these masks are brilliant no mater what skin type you have. Mine and Rhianna’s skin types are different but we both had amazing results at the end. It gives such a smooth flawless finish, not like your average face mask. 

I apply this is the suitable places and leave to dry for 15 minutes. Sometimes depending on how much I’ve applied I’ll leave it on until it all dries which can take a little longer. After it’s all dried, I use warm water and a flannel to remove the mask off my face. I like to use a cleanser after just to give that finishing touch. I’ve been loving my NO7 hot cloth cleanser at the moment.

There are three masks in the L’Oréal pure clay range:

•pure clay detox mask black

•pure clay purity mask green

•pure clay glow mask red

Hope you’ve enjoyed this review, don’t forget to like and leave a comment. Thank you 

Chels x 

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