Flower cafe and pirate ships…

October 9, 2016


Hello it’s Chelsea,

This weekend i had my friend Amber stay with me at my flat, we decided we wanted to go exploring… take pictures… and eat pancakes. We started our morning at 10am, laying around in bed for a while before venturing out of bed and getting ready for the day. I started my morning routine, jumping in the showing before carrying out my skincare routine. I am currently loving  the NO7 oily skin products and the hot cleanser. I continue my morning, drying my hair, throwing it up whilst I do my make up and then choosing what to wear -which was difficult. I wanted to start wearing more of my autumn attire, I have recently bought a burgundy cosy knit jumper from new look and I built my outfit around this. I choose to wear, black ripped knee jeans from primark, a strappy top under my jumper from primark, my knitted jumper from new look, my adidas superstars and my favourite autumn scarf from new look which i got last year.

And off we went… We ended up walking along the Barbican, across the waterfront and along to the aquarium. We walked along the little cobbled roads and went in and out of the little antique shops. There was a beautiful little shop which I have forgotten the name of (oops), which was full of painting by various artist, candles which smelt divine and little handmade pots. There was a big cosy looking chair which i had to test out, on the little table next to the chair was several books about artists which had their painting in this little shop. We left the little shop and continued our adventures, We were now getting hungry due to missing breakfast and was on the lookout for a little tearoom.


And that is exactly what we found, We cam across a little tea room called flower cafe which is adorable. In we went and sat ourselves at a little table for two in the made part of the cafe, the cafe was set out with three sections, a cosier area full of sofas, little tables and lots of cake on stands, the section we sat in was the part with the counter, it had the cutest buntin draped across the ceiling, they had lots of quoted canvas’, I loved one that said ‘Wake up and Smell the Coffee’ which suited their little cafe which was scented of coffee and cakes. There was also an outside area, which lots of little tables, lots of colourful plants and pebbled flooring giving it that little bit more. We both optited for the pancake, which was a great choice, with lemon and sugar. We finished our pancakes and had a little look around the homely section of the cafe, coming across little things we would have missed if we hadn’t of looked, there was the cutest little christmas plates and homemade christmas necklaces for sale. It gave such a warm feeling which all their cushions, indoor plants and freshly made cakes. Flower Cafe was so welcoming and the staff was so polite and friendly. I will definitely be returning to Flower Cafe for pancakes and a chat with my friends in the future.

 We left the Cafe and went for an ice-cream at Kelly’s Ice Cream Shop. I optied for the mint choc chip whilst Amber had the mango. We walked along the Barbican and there was a huge pirate ship stationed next to the walkway for people to go on and explore. We took lots of the photos of the beautiful antique pirate ship then setted of along to the aquarium. However we didn’t go in we have planned that for next time. We walked along looking at all the boats in the harbour and walked back toward our town centre. We took ourself back to mine and I got ready for my managers birthday night out and Amber went back home.

 I really hope you enjoyed this, I know its a little different but i wanted to try writing something new. Dont forget to like and leave a comment if you did enjoy,  and please follow for more post about lifestyle, beauty and clothing.

Love Chel x


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