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MAC lipstick collection…💄

October 19, 2016

Hello it’s Chelsea, 

So this is my MAC lipstick collection, I don’t have millions of lipsticks but I have a few and thought I’d share them with you,

I love mac lipsticks, I love the packaging, thef ormula and the fact there are 100s of different shades and different finishes.

So I’ll start off with the first MAC lipstick, I brought this last autumn and it’s the perfect shade for this time of year… can you guess… its matte finish….


I love everything about this lipstick, the colour is so wearable and is perfect for autumn. This is an intense reddish-burgundy lipstick.

MAC matte diva
My only other dark shade is a retro matte, and of course is it ruby woo, so  highly spoken about on YouTube and blogs. Although lots of people really love this shade I find this really stiff and hard to apply. I do really like the colour of the lipstick, it’s a really nice wearable red, but this definitely drys out your lips and it tough to put. This is a very matte vivid blue red toned lipstick.

 MAC retro matte ruby woo.
Now let’s talk about pinks and nudes. I have a variation of pinks and nudes because I find these shades so easy to wear all year round. I really love matte finishes so I’ll talk about the matte(s) first. 
My pinkest mac lipstick is the shade please me, this is a very pink nude and not really my colour however blended with other colours it looks so nice. Matte: please me 

One of the pink nudes that I loveeee are the shade mehr, this is one of my favourite shade ever!!, it is so easy to wear and gives a natural look and little pop of something. This is a dirty blue pink shade. 

Matte: mehr 

My favourite lipstick ever has to honeylove this is a perfect nude, it’s a light beige tone with rose, it’s a matte finish and is very natural. 

Matte: honeylove
I only have one lipstick which is satin finished and I love this lipstick. It is the shade twig which is a soft muted brownish pink, this is very natural and very creamy on the lips. Satin: twig

I also have one creamsheen, créme d’nude, clue is in the name, this is a very muted nude colour. This is very creamy and hasn’t got much colour pay off but I use this to put over the other lipsticks which dry out my lips from other brands. This is a pale muted peach beige. 

Creamsheen: créme d’nude
So that is my MAC lipstick collection, as I said I don’t have lots but I hope to expand my collection as time goes on, I do have a very long make up wish list which includes wayyy more MAC lipsticks. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to like, comment and follow if you enjoyed. 

Love Chels x 

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