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February favourites…

February 26, 2017

Hey it’s Chelsea, 

So I’m back and thought what’s better than to start my blog back off with a February favourites post. I love writing these and even more so reading these, I likes seeing what other bloggers are enjoying and if they are any new products I would be interested in to try out. I’m going to break my favourites down in to 4 categories: beauty, clothing, skincare and random.


So I’ve really been enjoying trying out new foundations the past 5-6 weeks and I’ve fallen in love with the maybelline fit me foundation, I have the shade 010 which is ivory. This was really affordable and is a really good products for oily skin which is what I have problems with. I would highly recommend this foundation if you’re on the look out for a new foundation.

I’ve recently started using the smashbox primer and OMG I can’t even describe the impact this primer has had on my skin and the lasting of my make up. I read lots of reviews before purchasing and I couldn’t believe the things people were saying but now I’m a total lover. The primer is really good for oily skin and makes the skin matte before you apply your foundation etc. 

This month I’ve really grown my Kylie cosmetics lip kit collection and have not left the house without having one of them in my bag ready for the day. Even though these are a little bit expensive and have to be delivered from the US, I really think the products are worth it. The lip liners are creamy and feel really hydrating on the skin and the liquid lipstick dries matte in a matter of seconds and will last for the majority of the day.  My favourites shades at the moment have been: Ginger, Moon and Exposed. If you’d like my to do a Kylie lip kit collection blog post make sure to leave a comment.


I’ve really enjoyed wearing more spring like clothing items this month and have been in town purchasing new tops, dresses, and shoes ready for the spring to arrive. I’ve recently brought a dress from primark and I honestly haven’t stopped wearing it, it’s a beautiful black and white minimalist dress with fake pocket details on the front, it’s a very classy a line style but fits nicely on my body. It was only £13 and is a staple for my spring wardrobe.

I have 3 pairs of gorgeous pink shoes to share this month…

  1. Primark Baby pink tassel dolly shoes  £10
  2. Primark Baby pink Valentino inspired heels £14
  3. River island pink over the ankle boots £50

I’ve really enjoyed popping some pink in to my outfits this month and have found these three pairs of gorgeous shoes just the right style to suit different outfits. I’ve had my pink tassel dolly shoes for a while now but rarely wore them but now I pair these with so many outfits. My favourite of the three shoes the Valentino inspired heels from primark which were only £14, these are the perfect size heel, the perfect colour and are so comfy!!! And lastly my river island boots, these are a key item in my shoe collection, I like to dress these up and down, styling them with dress or skirts for night life or with tights and a spring styled dress for day looks. 

‘boy bye’ tshirt dress, I have always found tshirt dress so comfy but really hard to me to wear due to them always being too long but I recently purchased this ‘boy bye’ tshirt dress from the and I’m in love, as it was a tiny bit to big I just twisted the side and made a knot to make it fit me better around the bottom part of my body. This was only £14 and I have my discount code ChelseaP10 for you all to use when you buy something from their website so don’t forget to check it out, linked at the end.

  • Skincare

Liz earl cleanse and polish, do I even need to explain this product it is one of the most spoken about products on Instagram and YouTube, it is literally what dreams are made of… it removes make up like a dream, you apply a small pump on to your fingers rub it around your face and then rinse off using hot water and the Muslim cloth provided. All I’m going to say is if you don’t own this item buy it NOW.



I love YouTube and really enjoy finding new people to watch, however this month I’ve really enjoyed watching back old videos of the people I’ve enjoyed watching for a long time. 

  1. Zoe Sugg
  2. Hannah Renee 
  3. Ash Jackson
  4. Saffron Barker 

Although from these channels I’ve found new people to watch including saffs brother Casey and his girlfriend Nicole, they’ve recently announced they are having a baby and their gender revel video is incredible. Definitely a must watch. 

Link to gender reveal video: 


Of course I’ve been loving shape of you and castle on the hill by Ed Sheeran.

I’ve also enjoyed listening to Conor Maynard and his covers with other YouTube singers, covering other songs on the beat of new songs such as 24k magic and shape of you. 


I’ve been to the cinema twice this month and both films I’ve really enjoyed and need to share…

Spilt, this film was really catching from the trailer and it was a ‘I have got to see this’ kinda trailer, I wasn’t ready for what the film included, the film is set around a man with split personality disorder and is really hard to watch because the actor played the character so well and really made me feel for others living with this disorder. If you liked films based around real life problems this is must.

Fifty shades darker, I know many of yous won’t be old enough to watch this but if you are 18 and in to films like this, get in the cinema and watch it because omg! I don’t want to give to much away but let’s just say I’m counting down the days till the next film. 

Well I hope you enjoyed reading my February favourites, don’t forget to like, follow and comment on this post. If you’d like to see a shoe collection or a Kylie lip kit collection make sure to let me know. Thank you for reading…

Love Chels x 

Discount code ChelseaP10 on link to their website below…

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