March 26, 2017

If you love instagram and reading blogs as much as I do then keep reading… I have recently followed some beautiful grams/blogs lately who have really made me want to up my game and make myself as good as them(well half as good as them). I want to share with you some of my favourites at the moment that I adore. These accounts are all gorgeous and have beautiful themes which makes me want to say that just because you don’t have a ‘ good theme’ or ‘expensive products’ it doesn’t mean your instagram is not as good as others, it’s really hard to build up an audience on instagram but if your followers enjoy your posts don’t change for more followers keep to what you like to post.

This was hard to pick only a few of my favourites because I’ve really enjoyed lots lately…

Shall be begin…


Tilly was one of the first bloggers I really noticed when I made my beauty account and I’ve followed her and her posts ever since, she has a really gorgeous feed which is really bright and full of lovely pieces but not in a show off way. Her blog posts are always very well put together and are ALWAYS different and interesting to read. Tilly is a really creative girl and from her blog and instagram you can tell everything is always very well planned out. Tilly’s account is definitely my favourite account which I have came across so far.


2. Emmachxrlotte_


Emma’s account is very unique to herself and her posts are very realistic and look very effortless but in such a good way. Emma is one of my recent finds and I’ve been constantly checking for new posts since. Her Instagram is very easy on the eye with photos all around pastel colours and very well put together pictures. Emma blogs a lot and is consistently uploading great posts, I can tell she puts lots of time in to making her blog to a high standard which I love.

3. Chloelgilbert


Chloe’s instagram is gorgeous and is full of amazing make up products that we all wish we could own but for now I don’t mind just keeping up with Chloe’s pictures whilst I wait for a miracle, her photos are all very well taken and you can tell there is a lot of thought behind her Instagram. Chloe’s theme is overly girly and I love it, she features amazing products and in a really good way. Her feed is so simple yet so effective and is one of my favouites for this reason.



Beth’s instagram is different than the others she is more based around clothing and lifestyle rather than beauty. Even so I love keeping up to date with Beth because her feed is gorgeous and very light and airy. Beth’s blog is really good too, she has recently uploaded a post about Mother’s Day which I found really interesting to read and was well written.

I really hoped you enjoyed reading this and I’m so glad I’ve found these gorgeous accounts. Thank you to the girls for being part of my blog, make sure you all give these girls a follow and like some of there post and leave some comments because they deserve it. Don’t forget to check out my instagram, and make sure you follow me to keep up with all my posts.

Love Chels x

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