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April 2, 2017

Its that time of the month again… honestly cant believe how quickly the months seem to be passing by. This month I’ve been trying to add some more spring inspired products in to my routines, the nights are so much lighter which I’m loving, the suns shining (now and again) and , the flowers are in bloom… which calls for less layers, more time to write and pretty flowers spreading happiness.

Lets start…



This month I’ve found myself reaching for this primer everyday, I had heard so many good reviews before buying, although this primer is a little more expensive than my others it is so worth the money, after applying this I feel my skin looks less greasy and my blemishes seem to be unnoticeable. This primer is made for oily skin and that is something I struggled to find before, so if you have oily skin and haven’t tried this out before, go in and treat yourself, your make up game will be changed.



Urban Decay setting sprays were very hyped up and all nighter was spoken about so much, which is the first of the three I purchased. However when I ran out of all nighter I went in store and the lovely lady in house of fraser shown me the other setting sprays within the collection and I was completely sold when she told me that deslick was for oily skin, since getting this in January time I have been using it nearly everyday to finish my make and keep it on all day. I find these setting sprays handy for my handbag too.


IF you watch Zoe (zoella) you would have seen this in one of her recent videos and in a vlog with poppy, she really hyped this product up and it made me really want to try… (like most things youtubers mention). I have been using this daily but still using my collection lasting perfection under my eyes as that will forever be a favourite of mine. Honestly if you do suffer from blemishes then do try this out as its really inexpensive. 


I love this palette and rarely reach for any others, this is just perfection for me. I can get day looks and night looks from this palette as there is such a good variation of colours to choose from. The MORPHE palettes are so good for the price, the colour pay off is amazing and the fact you get 35 different shades for under £25 is amazing. There is such a good range of palettes with lots of different shades if the warm palette that I have isn’t for you.


Looking through my previous favourites and how have I never mentioned this product before, this is my holy grail eye brow product that I could not live without, I have been using this product everyday for 8 months and for some reason it never made my favourites… of course everyone has heard of the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow. I have the shade soft brown and use a eye brow brush from primark to apply. Dipbrow is so easy to apply and you can produce the eyebrows you want, if that be natural or not.

I went through a phase where I couldn’t quite get on with cream highlighters and always went for powders but recently when sorting through my make up I came across my Benefit wattsup highlight and I am loving it! The colour of this highlight is blinding, it is gorgeous. Honestly if you haven’t tried this before you need to, especially if youre a bit meh about cream products this will change things for you.


For a long time I was continuously putting this in and out of my basket never taking the plunge but I wish I did it sooner because this has been gods gift for my skin, it has helped to clear it up and has became part of my everyday skincare routine, for £14 this product is amazing so go and snatch this up.

I LOVE LUSH but these two products have been my repurchases this month, I have always lovwd blackberry bath bomb but when all the new valentines and mothers days products came out I was so busy trying out a crazy amount of new and exciting products I started to forget to pick up a BB bath bomb but now the crazes have finished I’m back to using this beauty and I’m glad. This is my go to relax bath bomb, the ingredients really soften my skin and make me feel so fresh which leads me on to the melting marshmellow moment. This is a little blob of sweetness, from the scent to the after feeling it is what dreams are made of.. I hadn’t tried a bath oil before but now I find myself putting this particular one in my basket every time. It is so soothicng and moisturizing and exactly what my skin needed.


This month I have been really getting in to using twitter, it has been my most used social media, down to the fact I have recently made a twitter for my beauty posts and link my blogs on there. I have really enjoyed following loads more bloggers and being able to access so many new blogs which I have really loved. I have got lots of inspiration and new ideas through twitter and the bloggers I follow now. I have also really got in to bloggers chats and found so many blogger pages which I never even knew existed.

  • Ed Sheeran 

Of course everyone is listening to Ed because he is over taking all of the charts which his new album which I am loving, there isn’t a song on his new album that I skip and that is saying something. You know its a goodie when you love them all. But my FAVE has got to be ‘what do I know?’

  • Freddy Cousin Brown aka freddymylove

Freddy is my inspiration when it comes to Instagram posts, fashion ideas and new beauty products, she is a growing youtuber and uploads every Monday. Her instagram is gorgeous full of natural pinks and whites and very perfect with the way the pictures look alone and as a feed. 

Freddy’s Instagram link 

Freddy’s Youtube link 

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Love Chels x

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