April 9, 2017

Can we take a minute to appreciate how on trend primark is right now!!!, I have seen everyone hyping up their local primark so of course I had to take a trip and see what was going on… and to say the least I was pleased… very pleased. I picked up some of the most gorgeous piece and for absolute bargains. I honestly could have spent 100’s in there but I had to be sensible (ish) and I stopped myself at 50… so shall we get started.


As soon as I walked in I noticed this gorgeous blue denim looking dress from their new in stand and I was instantly drawn to it, after getting closer I realized it wasn’t denim which made me like it even more. My first item is this amazing cold shoulder light blue dress with a cute little collar, I have seen these style of dresses all of Instagram but never asked where they were from never expecting it to be from primark. I cannot wait for the sun to come out so I can pair this little beauty with some sandals and a little side bag. this dress was an absolute bargain and was only £10, can you believe that?!? They also had this style of dress in many other prints, one that also stood out to me was a navy and white checked version but unfortunately they didn’t have my size.


To follow on from this i got some more basic tees, I needed some new white t-shirts to pop under dungarees and other spring pieces and I always get my basics from primark,  I picked up this overly soft plain white t-shirt, this is completely plain but is perfect to throw on under staple pieces or to put with some light blue jeans to be a little more springy, this t-shirt was £3 which is amazing for the material and wear you get out of these.

I also picked up another white top, I needed them both ok. This one is a little different as it has an off the shoulder vibe about it, this is another top I’ll just pair with some cute shorts or with jeans to be comfy and look like I’ve tried at the same time. this was also £3 and they had so many different colours which i may have to pick up. (oops)

I was passing the sale rails when I spotted this light pink jumper styled top that I have had my eye on for a while, and it was reduced from £8 to £3 and that meant i had to get it. I love this type of top for colder days to throw on with jeans and be warm but look more season appropriate due to the colour. My mum has this jumper top in cream and recommended sizing up and it comes out small after a few washes so if you do pick this up just bare that in mind. i’m so glad I got this finally, it is so soft and will definitely be useful when I want to be cosy on a Sunday but still look ok.


The last clothing item I got is this adorable blush pink silky dressing gown, how gorgeous is this!, as soon as I seen this I had to get it, it has gorgeous lace detail on the front and a delicate silk tie around the middle. this was £10 and is amazing compared to if you got this from a more fancier shop like Boux Avenue which would cost more along the lines of £40/50. I feel this is a perfect addition to my collection especially now that it is getting warmer and is too warm for a big fluffy dressing gown.


I picked up two pairs of shoes in primark, both completely different styles and for different uses….

The first pair I picked up was these grey fluffy sliders, these are the dupes for the Fenty pumas, which I was in love with but couldn’t justify the price, these are great if you don’t have the money for the Puma style, these are perfect to slide on with a simple outfit if you are just popping out or not going out for too long that day. I have the Ivy Park sliders from Topshop and actually got so much wear out of them when I saw these I knew I needed them. These were £6 and when going through Instagram I saw they had nude versions which of course I now need…

The second pair of shoes I accidentally brought were these cute little nude heels, these caught my eye as they were as I came down the escalator and it was love at first sight, I have nude heels from primark which I live in but the heel is much bigger than this and when i’m on a night out they tend to hurt my feet so these are perfect as they are a lot smaller but look identical to my other. These were only £10 which is an absolute bargain right?


I did pick up a load of little bits and bobs like sunglasses and hair clips but i’m not sure if you’d be interested in that so i’ll stop here and say thank you for reading this post, I hope I’ve gave you some primark inspiration and you can find some of these pieces in your local primark.

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Love Chels x


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    1. They are!! Want to go shop around different primarks as I’ve out shopped myself in the local shop, and aw thank you I love it xx

  1. That silk dressing gown is absolutely gorgeous, I really really want one! You’re right, it does look like something you’d see in Boux Avenue for 3x the price! I’ve been really wanting to buy some bralettes from Primark for ages now but they don’t have them in my local store! 🙀🙀

    Abbey ❤️ http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

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