April 16, 2017

Only recently have I taken into account how important it is to take time out for yourself, to relax. I have such a busy schedule working in a nursery full time, trying to make time to blog and still see my loved ones. It came to a point where enough was enough and I needed to really think about the spare time I have during the week and I needed to find a useful way to use the time to get the most time out of it. I have came up with a routine for my week which includes the days I see my boyfriend, my mum, time for blogging after work and time to spend doing nothing… well taking time out for myself. I have realized I had become so used to being on social media or writing blogs that I would be laid in bed at 8pm eating my tea whilst writing up some posts when I came to the realization that my bed should not be my work space, this made me look around for a desk I could use for blogger and make it my work ‘space’. If you’d like a desk tour once its all done, let me know as I’d enjoy talking through my storage and where I found the key pieces for my desk.


I love baths and have noticed in the bath is where I become the most relaxed, this could be because I always bathe before bed so I’m always tired by this point or it could have been because of all the gorgeous LUSH products I use in my bath to make myself feel better. I’ve made it my task to have a candle lit, relaxing, wind down bath every Sunday, making sure I don’t take any form of socialization with me, meaning no phone or laptop, doing this has stopped me from making baths a time to check my social media or read through a draft post. I now RELAX in the bath and that is what it is meant for(and to clean or course).


Only recently have I taken the time out to read, I used to be a book worm and wouldn’t be seen without a book, especially on the bus or whenever I had some spare time, but since I used social media on a regular basis I’ve lost my love for books which was sad because I believe books are a good way of forgetting what is going on in reality and can be a time to spend focusing on something other than life. I need to get back in to reading and would love if anyone had some recommendations for me.

Girl Time 

There’s nothing I love more than getting together with my girls and having a pamper evening with face mask, movies, snack and a whole load of wine&cocktails, but being so busy and college and work stopping me and my friends spending as much time together, I’ve grown to love independent girl time, pour yourself a glass of wine, find a good old chick flick on Netflix and put a nice detoxing face mask on and TURN YOUR PHONE OFF. This is such an important aspect of the evening, there’s no point in watching mean girls and clueless if you aren’t really watching it but listening to it in the background whilst scrolling through Insta or twitter, even if you do know the film off the back of your hand, try to imagine it is the first time all over again and really enjoy it.


I know this is a bit like reading but picking up a magazine is a lot more easier if you don’t own a lot of books, magazines are quick and easy to read and if you only have 20 minutes or so to have some alone time whilst you wait for your tea to cook or as a revision break. I love magazines because they are so me, I’m a bit of a goon and enjoy reading all about Beyonces life or who Taylor Swift is dating now but that’s what I am in too so if you like reality stars and keeping up with all the celebs mags can do just that. And the main thing about these ideas is to take us away from our phones because we have became a generation who can’t go to lunch without updating twitter or posting an Insta.

TV Shows

I love lazy Sundays where I have time to chill out and not worry, my post have gone live, its not the best weather outside and I have no plans. Whats better to do then binge watch a season of a TV series on Netflix, after watching 2 or 3 season you may be thinking ‘oh dear what a waste of my day’ but in actual fact your body may have needed that rest and you’re now in a better state of mind for the week coming.

Hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading😚

Love Chels x


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  1. I couldn’t agree more, it is so crucial to take time out for yourself. My favorite ways to relax are to just listen to music, blog, and talk with my boyfriend! Or cuddle my dog, haha

    1. Aw love it, wish I had a dog, living alone means I can’t but it’s going to be an essential when possible to get one x

  2. Totally agree! I´m trying to do a social media/electronic switch off from 9pm and just reading until I go to bed to help relax my mind ahaha! xx

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