April 30, 2017

So you’ve just started your blog and you have no idea what to do now… we’ve all been there girl, honestly we have. When I started my blog I was searching for posts to help me, guide me, show how to become known in the blogging world. For a few months I was very lost in the blogging world, I was very messy with my posts and didn’t keep up a weekly scheduled, when I knew I needed to if I wanted to follow my dreams and continue blogging in the future, for me this is a hobby but I didn’t want to spend all my spare time writing, thinking of posts and taking pictures if no one was seeing my posts. I have got more top tips to help new bloggers out there, I hope these tips are useful for anyone who needs some help and guidance when starting their blog.


At the beginning I was constantly writing drafts for posts that I knew were popular but weren’t in my comfort zone or my style for my blog. My top tip is be true to yourself, write what you enjoy and make remember quality over quantity. I love everything beauty and make up but I do find interest in some lifestyle and fashion posts so I do have sections on my blog for when I do these styles of posts. When planning posts for the next 6 weeks I have lots more tips and lifestyle posts in the line which I have enjoyed writing and planning. Planning posts you want to write is important, if you’re stuck for post ideas check out my post. (40 BLOG POST IDEAS…)


I only ever used instagram to broadcast my blog but for the past 6-8 weeks I’ve been using twitter and it has become my main source of trafficking to my blog. I never knew how helpful twitter would be, I had became familiar with different bloggers and have grown friendships in the past few weeks, I take part in regular blogging chats that I didn’t even know existed 6 weeks ago, there is also great pages which will re-tweet your tweets broadcasting your posts, this can help to get more users to see your blog posts. I also use bloglovin’ to gain views on my page, Bloglovin’ is great to post your recent posts on and to find posts you might be interested in reading.



This is so important, I use an app called buffer to send tweets out for me during the day whilst I am at work, I find this so useful when I’m busy or to post tweets during the night, posting during the night is very important so you can reach out to your followers at all time, seeing as some may come from different parts of the world. Posting numerous times a day is key but make sure you don’t over do it because no one wants to see 100 tweets of the same post, posting multiple times is good but mix it up, tweet links to your new posts but also your old.



Having a blog can take up a lot of your spare time so making sure you make time is important, you need time to write posts, take photos and finalizing all posts. If you have lots of things taking up all your time at the moment don’t over do it, there is no need to post 5 times a week, I post twice a week as this is what I find easiest to keep up with, just because someone else might post 4 times a week doesn’t mean you need too to. Make sure you think QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.


Tip Five: MONEY

Blogging can cost more than you first think, I became self hosted and it costed me £35 and that was just for one part of my blog. Blogging can cause you to spend a lot more money buying new products to try out or to review on your page, you can also become hooked on picking up different pieces such as props and other objects to make your pictures stand out more, I find myself buying a lot more items I would never normally pick up. Props are important but make sure you look around before picking any up, I find lots of new props on EBAY for a smaller fee, also poundland and tiger are great shops for quirky pieces.

I really hope this post is helpful for new bloggers and any of you lovely bloggers stuck in the beginners period of their blog, please leave a comment if you have any more tips for bloggers.

Love Chels x


Where do you find good photos props? 


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  1. Great advice, it’s so true that you need to write about what you enjoy, this comes through in the work and makes the readers feel it. And also money! you can’t go into blogging thinking it’s going to make you money, the reality is that it will cost you money, at least in the beginning xx

    Sophia x

  2. These are great tips! I’d recommend Tiger for cheap blogger props too. Primark and New Look are also good. 😊

  3. Great advice here, Chelsea! It’s definitely true that you should blog about what you’re passionate about, it really helps keep you motivated and your love shines through in your writing! Poundland and Tiger are indeed fab places for blog props, some great recommendations!

    Abbey 😘

  4. Great tips! I am so lazy when it comes to scheduling tweets! Also I totally agree about the time thing! I too only post twice a week as that’s the time I can give to my blog!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  5. I love Ohh Deer and Paperchase for cute postcards to use in props and then Primark and Tiger for other bits and pieces! Love this post, I’ve been blogging for about a year but I’m still a complete amateur and still feel quite lost at times!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

  6. I recently wrote something similar to celebrate 6 months blogging and i have to agree with every point you made! Especially about writing about what you know and love, its so important to have passion about what you’re writing about.

    Some really useful tips here so thanks for sharing!

    Laura xo

  7. These are all great tips, especially about “using social media” , join in chats – join groups to have conversations and meet new people. I am still new to blogging but, I remember starting it the wrong way and was a little scared to step out of my comfort zone but, two months(almost three months) later I’m learning as I go but, overcoming my fears . My tip for any new blogger is never compare yourself to anyone because you’re unique in your own way. Also, understand that not everyone is going to like what you wrote but, that’s okay. Continue to be this amazing person that you are.😌

    Much love,

    1. Forgot to mention about comparing, I find myself comparing myself to big bloggers and I hate it, definitely something I need to overcome xx

  8. Great great post – I highly agree with everything you said, ESPECIALLY enjoy what you write about, social media and scheduling! Schedule apps have been a life saver for me! Social media is the main source of blog traffic, if not, the only source, so yes it’s so so crucial!

  9. These are definitely some great tips. I was definitely guilty of posting things I wasn’t interested in two years ago because I thought they would appeal to people who read my blog! I love what you said about money, too–my blog hosting was just under £40 including the dreaded VAT, so it’s definitely costly if you’re a student/on a budget, but I’d argue it’s definitely worth it. Loved this post.

    1. Thank you, and I feel like we all fall in to the trap of just writing any at the start, and my hosting was £40 too!xx

  10. I never realised how much money blogging would make me spend – I’m constantly looking for new products to review or clothes to photograph! I will definitely ahve a look in Poundland and Tiger for blogging props, thank you! xo

  11. Great tips! Completely agree, it can be so daunting when you start your blog, especially when you’re trying to get it noticed. Social media is such a huge part of it, and I agree that it’s so important to write about what you’re passionate about, otherwise it just doesn’t read well!
    Hels x

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