May 7, 2017

Boohoo are killing it with their new in spring must haves. I am forever checking the app for more key pieces I need in my wardrobe, I love the theme and style they have produced this year, although not daring enough to wear the frills and bold colours I’ve put together a wishlist of 7 items that I am loving right now and with some more edgying and confidence am hoping to buy this spring…

My first piece caught my eye in white but after having a look in to it more I fell in love with the rosey pink even more… I love the button up detail on the front of the dress as it gives the dress that little something and makes it go from plain to exciting. I can imagine my summer self picking this beauty to throw on when off to the beach or off for a BBQ. I think paired with some little heeled sandals and a white cross body bag will be an outfit made in heaven.

I AM LOVING culotte jumpsuits at the moment, I had my eye on this style of jumpsuit for such a long time, I was searching in town a few weeks ago for an outfit and picked up a pinstripe jumpsuit for a night out and haven’t looked back since it’s  became a staple of mine and I’ve worn it so much already, which makes me believe I deserve to pick up some more, I love ones for night out and dressing up but one on boohoo especially caught my eye because it was more causal and I could imagine myself wearing it on a summers day on a walk or to the beach. I have 2 culotte jumpsuits I love, the striped for day to day and the white for a night out.

Tailored shorts have really caught my eyes recently and I love these pink ones from boohoo, of course the style is something I’ve been interested it but these were more eye catching as they have little frilled pockets, I think this gives them a little more and less basis and more chic. They also have these in white and black, they are all gorgeous but I would have to pick pink as that’s my staple colour at the moment for spring.

Talking about pink pieces I’ve had my eye on some different types of bottoms, trousers, culottes, jeans, leggings the list could go on. Trousers have always been a bit daunting for me as I feel they are very formal and professional, but I want to try some to get out of my comfort zone, I love these pink skinny fitted trousers, they are very much classy and formal but aren’t as in your face as some. I love the basic style and minimal details. I could make so many spring outfits with these beauties and could make these my go to trousers with ease.

Ruffles are so in right now and I love wearing detailed tops with basic bottoms, to pair with the pink trousers spoken about above I have picked this white long sleeve ruffled top with detailed sleeves. This is very chic and gorgeous to pair with different bottoms to make an outfit more on trend.

Living in England means the weather is very unpredictable and you can never be certain on if it’s going to rain in the middle of the summer, I have been looking for a spring jacket for those days were bare arms are a Nono, I love the way leather jackets look when piecing an outfit together, I love the simplistic details. The jacket I have chosen is a gorgeous pink faux leather jacket with belted detail. I love this and would be perfect to throw on with any outfit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this wishlist, have you got any pink spring pieces in your wishlist?

Love Chels x

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  1. OMG OMG OMG! This is so funny that I work at Boohoo and one of the bloggers i read has this massive wishlist! I really like to jumpsuit and the pink biker jacket! so so pretty! xx corinne

    1. No way, do you like working at boohoo? and I love the jumpsuits may have to have a shopping spree x

  2. Good idea for a blog post, and I really liked the post! I love the tailored shorts! – check out my blog please, I would appreciate it!

    insta- sophia_tranterxxx

    twitter- sophiatranterxo


  3. Agh this makes me wanna go on a online shop spree at boohoo, I love their stuff and it’s SO affordable! I love dresses this time of year, and their tops are adorable as well!

    1. Yes for sure, Im such a girly girl when it comes to spring and summer, all about dresses and cute tops x

  4. While I am so not into fashion (I think you’ve seen how I rock Star Wars dresses haha!), these are amazing choices 🙂 I think the reason I don’t like fashion is cause I’ve gained weight and I feel so self conscious lol

  5. Wow, I love that rosey pink dress and leather jacket. Would love to have them, definitely need to check boohoo, didin’t do it for so long.

    If I’m not mistaken, I have only one pinky, actually peach piece;D my fav sneakers, they’re so comfy. I mostly prefer white and light colors nowadays, but also have some pastel pieces 🙂

    Kate x

    1. Aw thank you, I have to stop myself when it comes to spending, need to save for a car but on the other hand want to look good… eurg x

  6. I actually made a Boohoo order earlier today so that I could make the most of the 20% discount hehe! I really love the ruffle sleeve top, I wish I had seen that before placing my order! Thanks for sharing, you have great taste!

    Abbey 😘

  7. Omg! I LOVE Boohoo, you’re so right, they’re absolutely killing it at the moment! I always end up spending waaaay too much on there haha. I love the tailored shorts!

  8. I’ve never been much for clothes shopping, but recently I actually can’t STOP. I have a similar pink leather jacket and I’m in LOVE with it, it’s so perfect for spring! xx

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