May 17, 2017

I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram or twitter you would have seen my most recent bag purchase, which I am slightly in love with. I’ve been lusting over the Michael Kors jet set travel top zip tote bag in this gorgeous baby pink colour for such a long time, I watched numerous YouTube videos of people unboxing this particular bag, read 100’s of reviews and kept searching pictures of people styling it before finally biting the bullet and going for it.

When reseraching designer bags and starting to really plan my first designer purchase, I had put together a list of things my dream bag needed, how useful the bag would be and if I’d be able to style and create multiple looks with it. Some key features for me had to be eye catching, spacious, and classy. I loved the look of the Louis Vuitton Neverfull however I could never justify spending that much money on a bag, so I looked into Michael Kors because I also saw people using and owning the tote bag on YouTube, this is when I started really planning out my purchase. I started saving in March, emptying my purse in to a sealed pot at the end of each week, weather it be £2.87 or £19.43, when opening my tin on sunday the 7th of may, I had just over £110, which meant I had saved the majority of the money for my new bag. After lots of do I, don’t I moments, I added the rest of the money and went for it. I searched the internet on the look out for my perfect bag and came across a seller on Ebay selling the exact bag I wanted for a good price, I of course didn’t know if this was a good idea or not as it was Ebay but I spoke to the seller, seen an official Michael Kors receipt so I went for it, and I haven’t looked back.

This bag is my dream bag, the style is very chic and classy, it has silver hard wear which really makes the bag stand out and look gorgeous. Inside the bag is a number of pockets which is a key feature I love as it gives me some organisation in my bag. I love the design inside of the bag, the gorgeous fabric and style. I am a lover of all things pink so the colour was a must have for me, the bag is the perfect size it isn’t too big and neither to small. It is the perfect size for the things I need to keep  in my bag which leads me on to what I keep in my new Michael Kors tote bag.


Just like every female bag I keep all my must have daily products I use on the go everyday. I always keep my purse, keys and of course my phone in there when I am off on an adventure, I love my purse from river island because of the size, rose gold details and colour however I would love to get myself the matching purse for my bag. I of course need my keys and have some key rings with all my favourite people on them, I also keep a big fluffy pom pom on my keys so that I can reach in and find it without my rummaging through my bag. I also keep my ted baker small make up bag, in here I keep my beauty and other products I may need on a daily basis, I have my trusty lush lip scrub, MAC velvet teddy, my mini benefit badgal, hand sanitizer and my favourite lip balm ever my Dr.Lipp. I also keep a deodorant, sunglasses and some lady products. I also always have a little snack for on the go, this would normally be a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and I’m so sorry that I’ve been so inactive on my blog the past two weeks I’ve had lots of stuff going on and been busy with work and coursework. I am glad you’ve found your way to my blog and hope you’ve likes getting an insight to my first time experience buying a designer bag and seeing what I keep in there.

Do you own a designer bag? If yes which one? If no do you have any in your wishlist?

Love Chels x


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  1. the feeling of buying your first designer bag is great! it’s like your baby and you have to take care of it. My first designer bag is a speedy louis vuitton which i still have and use. i had bought it with my first salary! xx corinne

  2. I loved this post! I am so jealous of your bag, the colour is just adorable. I have always wanted a Vivienne Westwood Handbag! I love her designs. I can’t wait to read more for you xox

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