May 21, 2017

Anatomicals kindly sent me some of their gorgeous skincare products to try, although I didn’t pay for these products myself all opinions are my own. I would like to start with a disclaimer that I would only consider promotions of products I am interested in and would have tried if not contacted by the company, I had my eye on some of the products from Anatomicals so when they offered to send me some products I jumped at the chance to have a little play with some bits I was interested in. I choose the products they sent me and knew I’d get lots of use out of them if I like them. So the products I choose were: wake up under eye patches, instant self tan mousse in dark, headache relief balm and the facial spritz.


Anatomicals are killing it with their packaging, I love everything about the packaging of this gorgeous company. The packaging is so bright and eye catching and really makes a statement in my skincare collection, the writing is bold and lets not miss the funniest catch lines they use for their products names, my favourite from the pieces I have has to be the headache relief balm- ‘OI! YOU THROBHEAD’. Although ‘PUFFY THE EYE BAG SLAYER’ is a close second.


The moment I opened this parcel I had just got back from a long day at work and was all hot and eurg, so opening this and finding that it was my Anatomicals package got me very excited, I instantly opened my facial spritz and sprayed my face, and boy did it cool me down. I had a little look, little play around and was overall very please with my initial thoughts. That weekend I had my friends 18th and my aunties 40th which gave me the perfect reason to try out the self tan, I was very pleased with this product which I’ll get on to in a minute. Eye bags are the pain in my life, working 40 hours a week in a nursery, trying to complete my NVQ and keep up with blogging as well as living independently, -house work- eurg, means sleep is not at the top of my list so its very rare I leave the house with bags under my eyes. The headache relief balm was an interesting product in my eyes because I hadn’t used something like this before so was very pleased that Anatomicals had these.


Anatomicals sent me these two weeks ago and I’ve been using the products and I’ve loved every minute of it. As I was explaining in the paragraph above I had a busy weekend lately and seeing as the sun doesn’t like to come out in England, I am pale, and by pale I mean P.A.L.E. So tanning was a must to complete my busy weekend of parties and photos, normally I go for a medium shade in fake tan but I wanted to try the dark shade to see how it would look on me. The tan has now become my favourite tan and I don’t think I’ll be able to go from this tan to another. I loved the way the tan glowed and was definitely not streaky. The tan was perfect all weekend and a few days later, I have had so many complements from my tan and so many people have been shocked to know it was the Anatomicals self tan mousse.

Anatomical instant fake tan mousse

I have been using the facial spray in the morning before make up and in the evening after taking off my make up as its so refreshing and makes my skin look hydrated. This is a staple of mine now and I will for sure be repurchasing when I run out.


I was recently at my boyfriends and his little sister suffers with headaches and was really suffering, when I remembered I had my Anatomicals headache relief balm in my bag to try in case I got a headache whilst here, she tried it and loved it. It’s such a calming products and works within 10 minutes, Rhianna and myself are very pleased with this products and I am going to pick her some up some as a little extra for her birthday.

Anatomicals headache relief balm

‘PUFFY THE EYE BAG SLAYER’, it says it in the name, it legit slays your eye bags, Monday eye bags, Tuesday gone. This products is amazing and is such an impressive products, I’ve tried many eye bag products before and none has worked to the standard of these bad boys. If you suffer from bags then check these out, honestly they’re a game changer.

Anatomicals puffy the eye bag slayer


– Joint + muscle rub

–  coffee bean salt scrub

– sleep balm

– Anti-blemish face mask

– watermelon and cucumber hand wash

Have you tried any of Anobiotic’s products?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my review on these gorgeous products, I am so happy to have been given this products and will be purshasing some more products with my own money from ASOS. Don’t forget to check out Anatomicals instagram page, you will be pleased.

Love Chels x



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  1. I think I need to try some of their products as well. I would like to try out the headache balm, how often have you used it? Is it working?
    – xx Lisa

  2. I have read few articles on this brand. Only positive things. The packaging is so colorful, I love it! I think I should really try to get my hands onto some of these goodies! xx corinne

  3. This looks like a great skincare line to try! Never heard of it but always trying to buy and try new products! I actually haven’t tried a new skincare item in a while, might have to give this one a go!

  4. I completely agree with you about the packaging – their products always look so lovely and eye catching! I have ordered a few of these off Asos recently and I adore them x
    Claire |

  5. I really need to try some of their products out too sometime soon!! I love the packaging, it’s so outstanding 😍 Those eye bag slayers are definitely something that I need haha, I have horrible eye bags!!

  6. I’ve never heard of this brand, but I have terrible eye bags, so if those work then these patches look amazing! Also I’ve recently tried to avoid taking tablets for my headache so would love to try the balm! Great review, are the products expensive?
    Jas xx

  7. Ah Chelsea, this is a fabulous post! I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the products! I recently received a few and have been trying them out. I am really surprised the tan mousse worked so well; nothing against the company at all you would just imagine brands who focus solely on tanning would be the best. Perhaps I should give it a try??

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