May 28, 2017

Blog props are essentially what  make the photo a photo, and to make a photo stand out you need to have good props. At the beginning I honestly believed every blogger I followed had marble worktops and fresh flowers at ALL times. Until I realized that wasn’t the case, and it was all a lie. I am trying to really up my instagram game and have been shopping around to find some key props to do this. I have been searching Instagram and seeing what makes a photo, a blogger photo.


Marble background as spoken about is a key effect people use in their photos, I was walking through primark recently and I saw this marble gift wrap and it popped in to my head that would be perfect for backgrounds, it was only £1 and has really made my photos go from a 2 to a 8. You can turn the paper over to create a plain white background too.


Rose petals are a game changer, to make a picture more effective, scatter some rose petals and boom photo done. Which leads me on to my new dound love for artifical flowers, popping some flowers in to the corner of the picture gives it something else, especially if you pop a bit of colour in the photo using a bunch or an individual flower.


Of course beauty and skincare products help to make a photo, especially a nice highlighter or a pretty lipstick. I try to always add a few beauty products in my photos, I love seeing peoples go to beauty staples for a photo. Mine include my Kylie Lip Kits, Highlighters and pretty coloured nail polishes.


Who doesn’t love printed quotes, a little positive quote, one of my favouirtes is my Coco Chanel quote, ‘a girl should be two things classy and fabulous’. I love Coconut Lane for printed quotes and you can use my discount code ‘chelseasbeauty20’ for 20% off at the checkout. I also use the app freeprints, to print out quotes I save from the internet, if you haven’t check out freeprints, you definitely should, I’m going to write a post all about the app and the uses I get from it.


I love stationary and not just for photos, but every where you go these days there is some sort of marble or copper stationary piece begging me to take it home, notebooks, pens, sticky notes and paper clips are a few of my staples in my prop collection. I love shops such as tiger, primark and new look for cute little pieces.


A new magazine with a gorgeous front page is perfect for a flatlay, it adds a variation of colour and some bold pictures and titles.


Another cute way of organizing pieces in a good photo, I love how they make the picture extra pretty especially if they have a cute phrase or picture on them. Plates work especially in food pics, a cute detailed plate makes the picture worth while, noone wants to see a Instagramable meal if its not on a gorgeous style plate with more to look at.


Every blogger I MEAN EVERY BLOGGER must own fairy lights and I don’t just own one set, I love to add different styles of fairy lights in to the photo depending on the feel I’m trying to get, I love a copper set I got from primark for four pound, I also love simple plain fairy lights. I love the feel fairy lights give, they add a little bit of sparkle to a photo.

What are your favourite blog props?

Where do you go to find new items?

Love Chels x


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  1. Magazine and marble background are my fav props! With fresh flowers but it had become so expensive to have fresh flower at home all the time that I got superficial ones. I should get fairy lights! xxcorinne

  2. Absolutely loved this post! Blog props are so essential! I’ve found the marble background to be a MUST! As well as fake flowers, quotes, and just little accessories like watches or perfume bottles!

  3. There’s some great ideas for blog props here, that won’t cost a lot but would make all the difference. I’m really trying to improve my photos, and I’ll definitely be using some of your ideas. Thank you!

  4. I need to step up my Instagram game up too. For now, I’m just having motivating quotes with white background and that’s the theme of my Instagram feed but, if I had to choose between everything when it comes down to blogging, I would have to pick stationary and I swear I collect a lot of them and it’s crazy too but, I love a cute notebook and planner – especially if there’s glitter on it….

    Great post,


  5. Blog props really help to add that little extra to a blog photo. I use artificial flowers, magazines & sometimes bits of jewelry, dishes etc. I also couldnt live without my very much loved marble background, I’ve also used coloured paper in the past too. I love the idea of fairylights, I really need to look into getting myself some of those as they look so pretty :).

    Ellie Xx |

  6. I’ve recently been using a magazine in my flat lays and I’m obsessed! Flowers and cute postcards from Ohh Deer/Paperchase are also favourites. I love posts like this for when I need some inspiration, thank you for sharing!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

  7. Oh man, this was so good. You take great photos. I just usually use stock photos. Have you ever thought of selling your photos?

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