June 22, 2017

Blogging apps are so important to finding your audience and getting your posts seen, at first I was very much only using Instagram to promote my blog but since starting again in March I have gained a lot more knowledge about blogging and some apps that have made me gain an audience and make friendships with many bloggers.

My go to app now is for sure TWITTER… I never even though about making a twitter for my blog because I didn’t really think I would have any followers let alone find 100s of other bloggers, Twitter is so great to find other bloggers to follow, I have met some lovely girlies since getting twitter. Before I got twitter I didn’t know anything about the blogging community, twitter chats and retweet accounts were unknown to me. I love getting involved in twitter chats and speaking to other lovely bloggers.

Of course Instagram is still one of my favourite apps. It’s a must have for all bloggers, photos cam be so stressful at time, trying to keep to a theme and making sure you have the best photos before posting them but the pressure shouldn’t be so much, I love bloggers who can pull of very simple themes that look so great but include a variation of photos, my theme is definitely something I struggle with but following other gorgeous feeds helps ALOT.

An app I use to help make my photos instagram ready would definitely be INSTASQUARE as I like to have a white boarder around my photos.


Which leads me on to Buffer, the app that saves lives… posting on twitter and instagram can be so hard when I work 8 hours a day and tweeting is not something I can do when working, buffer is an app to schedule tweet and photo to go live throughout the day when you’re busy. You can schedule 10 posts at one time which I find is perfect to post throughout 8 hours.


Which leads me on too my last must have app which is for sure Bloglovin’ another app to help promote posts and reach more audience. Bloglovin’ is a great way find new blog posts to read in a much easier way, as it’s just for blog post promoting rather than lots of other writing and photos.


What are your go to blogging apps?

Do you use any of the apps I have mentioned?


Love Chels x


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  1. I decided to start with just twitter ( and Pinterest ( I use hootsuite to schedule tweets which is good. I did a free trial of tailwaid to schedule pins which I loved but I can’t afford to pay now my free trial has expired 🙁

  2. I’m familiar with twitter and Instagram but I’ve never used instasquare or buffer before. Scheduling tweets and photos would be so useful though. Other social media apps I really like are Pinterest and Bloglovin’. AnnieChanie

  3. I love Buffer! I dunno what I’d do without it TBH. I work like 45-50 hours a week so I rarely have time during the day to tweet. For editing pics, I like PhotoStory 🙂

  4. I honestly don’t know where my blog and I would be without buffer, it is a life saver!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

  5. Definitely into Twitter and Buffer. I do use Instagram but not really for my blog. But a good post for someone who is new to blogging and wants to get the important apps!

    Belle |

  6. I love Twitter, it’s the only place I promote my blog. I post pics on Insta but not relating to my blog. I’ve had Buffer for ages I really need to start using it!

  7. Buffer is amazing – I don’t know what I’d do without it! I haven’t heard of InstaSquare, but I’m definitely going to look into it!

  8. I love posts like these as I find them really helpful – mainly because I’m useless with apps and things like that! I have most of these but I’ll check out INSTA Squares! Thanks babes! Xx

  9. I been focused on apps that help with Grammer. I been using read aloud app to edit my blog and wishing I could buy a subscription of grammarly but no extra money right now.

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