July 12, 2017

Staying productive is something I struggle with. Especially this time of year when it’s summer and all you want to do is relax in the sun. I have put together my top tips for staying productive this summer. Keeping on targets and setting goals is key to make you work hard. Answering emails, deleting spam comments and creating content is just some of the things we as blogger have to deal with. This is just the blogging side of things, not forgetting to engage with followers and being active on social media.


To do lists are the most important thing in keeping on track and getting my blogs done. I would always recommend writing to do lists, daily and/or specifically to a blog post, I always write down the top thing I need for a blog post to be ready. Sitting down and ticking things off my to do list makes me very happy and is key to keep me productive.


Making sure you have a routine is important to stay motivated. Dedicated a few hours a week to blogging is a must for me, I work full time, 8 hours a day so time is very limited for me, but I love blogging and always make time for it. I have a weekly routine sheet book to make sure I have time to do all aspects of blogging. I always pop my hours for work at the top so I know where I’m at with the schedule. My free time is mostly after work so I always make sure when I get home I prep my self to sit and blog. Tea, snacks and my blogging equipment, I.E laptop, notebooks… Then sit up at my desk to get to work.


Which leads me on to my next tip, making sure you have a good clean work space. I never used to take myself to my desk to work, and would work on the sofa or in bed. Which is a big no no. Making your bed your work space is not good, you need a separate place to work. As you will then associate bed with work struggling to get to sleep and struggling to focus on work when there.


Recommendations of 8 hours can sometimes seem like a struggle, but getting a good sleep is so important. Waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day is such a lovely feeling. No-one wants to feel forced and tired when sat writing up blog posts, causing error and mistakes in your work. Sometimes I only get 6 hours sleep which is not practical. Especially when getting home from a long day at work then knowing I have posts to write and photos to take.


Setting yourself goals and having targets to complete will keep things going at a good pace. Setting goals is key for me to make me want to do something or get something done. I love completing goals or reaching targets I never thought I would, little things like view goals for the month or being on top of posting twice a week are the goals I set, keeping myself working.


Ok its Saturday you have nothing planned but blogging, you get out of bed and roll on to the sofa. Get breakfast then sit up to blog, except you’re still in your pj’s meaning you’re not freshened up as you could be, get up, get changed then sit down and blog. Blogging in my PJ’s makes me feel so slouchy and does not make me feel productive at all. I mean it might for some people but for me all I want to do is roll back in to bed. Getting ready and being in fresh clothes makes me feel a sense of readiness and in the work mode I should be in.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, please leave a comment with your best tip for staying productive.

Love Chels x

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  1. Yesss! planning is so essential! I think my best tip to stay productive is to definitely use organizers and planners and keep a schedule of your everyday life and note down all the important tasks and to do’s! I agree with all these points! x

    Sami //

  2. I honestly couldnt blog with out to do lists and routines!! Its such a vital part and I love knowing exactly where I am with everything! Fab post – very useful!

    Sarah | xx

  3. I always struggle staying motivated. I’m the kind of person that does stuff in bursts, i’ll do a lot in a little time then nothing for a while. I definitely love a good little list though! I have them for absolutely everything.

    Some really good tips here i’ll definitely have to start using a few see if i can break my annoying habbits.

    Laura xo

  4. My best tip for being productive is forcing myself to get up early. If I set out a plan the night before and get up early to follow it then I find I stay productive throughout the day! This is such a helpful post, I’ll come back to it when I’m eve rlackimg motiavtion! Xx

  5. I needed this post at this moment. I have started bullet journalling and to-do lists are filling it so much on my weekly blogging schedule pages. I am a morning person and do most of my work in the morning but tend to stay in bed and stay in my pjs, its great for being at home but I could be more productive working at my desk and changing for the day for sure. I have a desk in my room and recently cleared it of all my stuff that I don’t use so I can actually use it again. Great read,
    Lois x

  6. One of my main problems is sleep. I don’t sleep at the right times or for long enough. The thing is I get lost in a book and end up forgetting how late it actually is. That’s one thing I do think would help my productivity in particular. 🙂

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