July 19, 2017

I am loving primark home ware at the moment, they are killing it, especially with the new copper line. I have been in and out picking up bits and pieces to add to my bedroom and thought I’d share them with you. Of course my room is based around, pinks, coppers and whites like all bloggers bedrooms. I have picked up some gorgeous pieces for such great prices.

My favourite piece by far is this gorgeous fluffy pink pillow, it’s a gorgeous blush pink colour and sits perfectly on my bed. It was only £7 which is just crazy for such a lovely item. To go along with the pillow I picked up a new bedding set. I was looking around for ages, trying to pick something not too busy and design heavy. Then I saw this marble duvet set, and then I saw the price… £10!!! I repeat £10.

Some little decorative pieces I have picked up are mainly copper. I picked up these gorgeous copper baskets, which everyone owns. They are only £4 and are fairly good size. I also picked up this bulb style light for my bedside unit, which was £5. Another purchase of mine was this marble washing basket which was only £3.50 which is just incredible.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I’ve recently picked up to style out my room. If you know anywhere selling cute home ware pieces let me know as I am moving out in a few months and I am keen to get on top of things and buy some more home ware pieces.

What was your favourite item I picked up?

Love Chels x

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  1. I’ve got the same cover set and absolutely love it! As I’m probably moving out in autumn I’m already very excited about homeware and decorating and love hauls even more atm.
    x Lisa (

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