July 30, 2017

As some of you may have seen on social media I very recently went to MTV crashes plymouth. MTV crashes is MTV putting together a concert for the city on the plymouth Hoe. The tickets cost £15 a night and it’s on for two nights a year. The first night is always pop music, more mainstream. Whereas night two is DJ night. I honestly had the best two nights dancing the night away with 30,000 other people.


Charlie XCX – How gorgeous is this girl, and what a performance she gave us. I haven’t really listened to her music before other than her bigger hits like boom clap, but her voice is amazing and something I will be listening to more now.

Busted – I can officially say I SAW BUSTED!!! This makes me so happy, felt unreal dancing around singing year 3000 with them right in front of me rather than in my room alone looking a mess jumping around singing…

Clean Bandit – Clean Bandit are definitely up there on my list of favourite bands, making their way up the list after how amazing they were live. The energy and talent this band have is actually unreal, and how gorgeous is Grace Chatto…

Louisa Johnson – Youngest person to win X factor, and what a powerful voice she has.

Headline Act: Sigma – Sigma, Sigma, Sigma… what can I say except OH MY DAYS… what a band. I can definitely say they’re amazingly talented and unbelievable performers.



Jax Jones – Jack Jones was probably the DJ I was most excited for and boy did he deliver! He had a bowl of fruit lopes as his turn tables, he had women with feathers dancing with him, he had the energy to make 25,000 dance and jump like they hadn’t done before.

Dj Rewire and Varski – These two never fail to please me, they come every year keeping the crowd going during the different acts and even having their own slot to perform this year, Varski is so lovely, talking so postively about Plymouth and being so warming to the crowd.

Gorgon City

Headline Act: Martin Garrix is a 21 year old Dutch Dj who is taking over the DJing at the moment being one of the most talked about Djs and for stealing the show at concerts, he had fireworks, his own stage set up, cameras on him all the time and thousands of girls screaming his name. If you haven’t seen or listened to Martin Garrix before what have you been doing… google or YouTube him right now! You’ll be amazed.

Night one came with special guests too… CHLOE AND NATHAN FROM GEORDIE SHORE!! If you know me you will know that I love Chloe and to see her in person was incredible, she’s so gorgeous, even more gorgeous in person than in her instagram photos.

Hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for taking the time to read.

Was any of your favourite singers, bands or DJ’s at MTV crashes?  Did you go to MTV crashes plymouth? Leave a comment below.

Love Chels x

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  1. Wow – you were so close to the stage – I know the struggle to get that close to the stage at such big events… Charli XCX’s new song (Boys) is so addictive, definitely worth checking out. Great post! x

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