August 13, 2017

Mondays and I have such a love hate relationship. As hard as it is to get out of bed for work on a monday morning, I love having the ability to start fresh on a monday. A fresh week, A fresh start. Monday’s motivate me. Not saying that every monday is the same but if I make sure my monday starts well the week seems a lot more productive.

How to become a monday morning person:

A good nights sleep:

Making sure you get a good nights sleep is vital for a productive start. Many recommend 8 hours but not everyone is the same and this could vary depending on your sleep pattern so far. I normally get 7/8 hours and this is perfect for me.

Wake up early:

As crazy as this seem, it’s a great way to start the week. Waking up earlier so you can start the day at a more productive rate, not having to rush and being able to tick things off your to do list.

A good breakfast:

This links with waking up early. If you leave it too late breakfast can most certainly become forgotten or a quick fix such as a bar of chocolate or piece of fruit on the go. But sitting down with a cup of tea and some toast will be better off as the day goes on. And you’ve only got to wake up 20 minutes early to do so.

Make a to do list:

Jotting down all the things you need to get done, may scare you, seeing everything that needs to be done. But when you start ticking things off there’s nothing more rewarding. I normally write a weekly to do list but on busier weeks I will write a daily to do list, especially when there are deadlines. A little tip I stand by is putting a few easier to do at the top to start the list off, meaning you can tick them off easily and feel more productive as the list gets shorter.

Plan the night before:

Picking out an outfit is the bane in my life. I find it so time consuming and that’s something I have very little of on a monday morning. I find setting out my outfit the night before helps to make the morning run smoother. Sorting out my bag, my lunch and my to do list is something I like to sort the night before, ready for the day ahead.

I hope you enjoyed reading my tips on how to become a monday morning person. Do you have anything in particular you do on a monday morning to prep for the week ahead?

Thank you for reading,

Love Chels x

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