November 10, 2017

After three months of NO blogging… legit no blogging I’m back and couldn’t be happier. I feel you all deserve this and I’m excited to catch up with you all and the blogging world. I’ve been having a rough few month which I’ll talk about shortly, but here I am. Taking the time off for my own personal reasons was saddening at the start but being away has made me want to come back and try so much harder. I am so happy to be sat back with my laptop babbling on about make up, skincare and my fashion favourites!! There’s no place like home and for a long period of time my blog was my second home. So I’m glad to be back and back with good intentions.

So three months has passed… It’s a long time for a short break I know but I have good reasons. Things in my personal life was getting icky and I needed to have a break away from social media to make a big decision… Do I end it?… And there’s the reason I haven’t been blogging… I ended my long term relationship which the boy I thought was my world and more. Break ups are never easy ever but this one seemed easier than any other, I had been thinking about this for weeks and when it was finally the end, it didn’t really feel like the end. I have coped a lot better than I ever expected.

To begin with, I was sat for hours on end wondering have I made the biggest mistake of my life… by breaking his heart. But no I hadn’t my happiness should and will always be my main priority from that moment. I lost my best friend, my world, my everything and I started to believe I should have never made the decision I made that morning.

Months have gone on now and I couldn’t be happier, we have made friends and both agreed although we loved and always will love each other, we just wasn’t perfect for each other. These past three months have made me realise and learn so many lessons.

  1. you don’t need a man to make you happy
  2. your friends are always going to be there for you
  3. you will learn to be happy again
  4. being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely
  5. always go with your heart…

Anyway after three months of making lots of new friends, going on too many nights out and making so many amazing memories I’ll never forget, I’m back to being me. I hope this explains why I’ve been so inactive. I’m excited to be back and to catch up on all your posts. Thank you for reading and catching up with me after all this time.

Love Chels x

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  1. I completely get the need for time off, and I hope it has made a difference for you! I think its really good you can talk about it, and Ithink its really inspiring to other pepple who might be or one day be in the same situation 🙂 x

    1. Yes time away can make things a lot easier, I’m so glad to be back blogging though, I’ve really missed it! and aw thank you, reading others bloggers posts about breakups helped me so I hope I can help others understand they are not alone! xx

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